Rescale takes the materials from your event, such as banners, signs, and fencewrap, and works with a growing list of US-based manufacturers to produce high-quality, high-style products that you can sell.

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  •  Duffel Bag
  •  Tote Bag
  •  Messenger Bag
  •  Urban Tote
  •  Hinge Bag
  •  Commuter Bag
  •  Soft Bound Journal
  •  Hard Bound Journal
  •  Envelope
  •  Padfolio
  •  Luggage Tag
  •  Keyloop
  •  Photo Album
  •  Picture Frame
  •  Passport Cover
  •  Slim Wallet
  •  Zip Pouch
  •  Dopp Case
  •  City Sling
  •  String Backpack
  •  Tech Sleeve
  •  Tech Envelope
  •  eReader Cover



In thinking through the material life-cycle, we wanted to help clients strategize the possible eco solutions so dated fabrics and vinyls do not end up in the landfill.


So, we created an opportunity for them to repurpose materials like street banners or fence wrap into relevant and stylish products.


Clients can then use the products for charity items, sponsor gifts or merchandise.

Learn About Our Process

Why REscale?


Each Rescale product is cut from reclaimed, repurposed material. This makes each one of them as unique and memorable as the event they came from.

The Event Lives On

The materials from which our products are made tell the story the recipient is somehow connected to. They represent an experience that can't be replicated, which makes them one-of-a-kind.

Mother Earth will Thank You

With Rescale, materials are given a new purpose. Our product standards include an 80/20 Rule which means that 20% (or less) virgin material is used and 80% (or more) is repurposed material.